Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spinach and Broccoli Salad

I developed this recipe for two reasons. First of all, I've got a hard time throwing out parts of vegetables. With broccoli, most recipes call for the florets, completely ignoring the stalks. I like to use all the parts, so this recipe uses only the broccoli stalk, saving the florets for another use. Secondly, when someone doesn't like broccoli florets, they'll probably like the stalks. The stalks have a crunch and a taste reminiscent of celery root, something good to know. Broccoli stalks can easily be substituted for celery root or anise root in many recipes.


2 cups baby spinach leaves
1/2 cup shaved or thinly sliced broccoli stalk
2 Tbs. feta cheese
2 Tbs. salad dressing


To prepare the broccoli stalks: Cut off the outer layers of the stalk with a knife. Use a sharp vegetable peeler or mandoline to shave the stalks into thin slices. Mix the spinach leaves and stalk shavings together. Divide between two plates, topping each with half the cheese and half the salad dressing.

Serves 2

Stealthy Cooking Tip: Mix things up by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. Adding new vegetables (or fruits) and new tastes on a regular basis provides excitement to your palate, and helps you discover new ways to enjoy the benefits of many veggies.

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