Sunday, February 21, 2021

Balsamic Orange Salad Dressing

 It's nearing the end of orange season in my backyard, so I'm enjoying oranges in everything while I still can. As usual, I love oranges in salads, and I've posted salads with oranges and beets or oranges with fennel and pistachios, or oranges with red pepper and avocado. This dressing pairs well with all of those salads, in part because it's got hints and tastes of orange in it. This one is sweeter than many of the dressings that I use, but I find that I like the sweetness with the tartness of the orange. 


1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup maple syrup
3 Tbs orange marmalade
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 

Directions: Add all the ingredients to a jar. Shake or whisk to combine. Serve by drizzling about 1 tablespoon per serving of salad. 

Stealthy Cooking Tip: In my book, there's nothing wrong with oil in dressing. Yes, oil is where the majority of fat and calories come from. But, olive oil has unsaturated fats - the ones that help you absorb needed nutrients. What makes a dressing healthy is portion control. If you serve salad dressed, instead of having the dressing on the table, you can control the amount of dressing that is used. Use a tablespoon to drizzle dressing on top of each salad. The visibility of the dressing will compensate for the smaller portion.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Curried Shrimp, Scallops and Snow Peas

I've been loving Vietnamese and Thai food lately, and just can't get enough of the balance of flavors and the excitement they make on my tongue. Here's a recipe I put together based on a curry that is available at one of my favorite local restaurants. This is simplified because it uses premade curry sauce, so it comes together quickly. 


1 tsp butter
1 tsp olive oil
8 large shrimp
4 scallops
1 cup cut baby cob corn
1 cup snow peas, cut in half
2 green onions, cut into 1/4 inch lengths
8 crimini mushrooms, sliced
1 cup red pepper, chopped
1/2 cup yellow curry sauce
1/2 - 3/4 cup light coconut milk
2 Tbs chopped Thai basil or cilantro
2 cups cooked brown rice

Directions: Heat the butter and olive oil in a nonstick skillet. Add the shrimp and scallops and cook over medium heat until the shrimp are pink and the scallops become opaque, about 4 minutes. Remove the shrimp and scallops from the skillet and set aside. Add the corn, snow peas, green onion, mushrooms, and red pepper to the skillet. Cook the vegetables over medium heat for about 2 minutes, until the mushrooms begin to give off their liquid. Add another teaspoon of olive oil to the skillet if the vegetables are sticking. Add the curry sauce and coconut milk to the pan, then return to shrimp and scallops and continue cooking until everything is hot. To serve, scoop one cup of brown rice on each plate and top with half of the curry. Top with basil or cilantro and serve. 

Serves 2, easily doubled.

Stealthy Cooking Tip: If you're like me, you are enjoying take out instead of eating out! I always love to re-create the tastes of whichever restaurant is my most recent experience, so I've been seeking out new and exciting ways to wake up my palate with Thai and Vietnamese curries. There's a number of good premade curry sauces available, so give them a try and find your favorite. Right now, my favorite brand is from Thai Kitchen, and is widely available.